Alarm system 20%

Main Panel

  • 4G cellular with battery backup 
  • Smart home integrations 
  • Self-monitor or add 24/7 police dispatch
  • 7” capacitive touchscreen with intuitive swipe/scroll/touch-based user interface
  • 5MP panel camera capable of capturing disarm photos and alarm videos and sending them to your phone
  • Interactive services powered by give you mobile apps on any platform and enable powerful features like geo-fences, scenes, and notifications
  • Control your entire home with the built-in Z-Wave Plus radio that securely connects to lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers and more.
  • Built-in microphones and speakers allows you to talk directly to your monitoring station agent from the panel (where available)
  • Over the air software updates ensure your panel always has the latest and best features available
  • On screen video tutorials make self-service easy and fast with videos on the most common issues
  • Dual path connectivity uses Wi-Fi ac and LTE simultaneously for speed, flexibility and redundancy
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset includes quad core processor, LTE, Wi-Fi ac, built-in router, Android 5 OS
  • Built-in panel Glass Break uses microphones and complex algorithms to detect the sound of breaking glass



D Wcut
  • Mini door/window sensors are powerfully small devices that can be placed on anything that opens or closes. With double batteries up to 8-10 year battery life
  • Create custom names for each sensor, determine unique chime type, choose voice prompts on or off
  • French doors only need one sensor.
  • Check the door or window is fully closed before mounting.
  • Leave a small gap the magnet and sensor should not touch.
  • Create automation rules like “turn on light when door is opened” or “Adjust thermostat if window left open”.
  • Intruders like to be out of the public eye so prioritize your back windows, then side window, finally consider your front windows.
  • Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing support for 319.5 systems
  •  Can be easily mounted on doors or windows with included adhesive
  •  Can be programmed as “Safety Sensor” for medicine cabinets, chemical storage, safes or storage closets
  • You can get a text if your door or window is left open
  •  Create automation rules like “turn on light when door is opened” or “adjust thermostat if window left open”
  • Requires two (2) 3V CR2032 Batteries
  • The built-in tamper switch triggers an alert if the cover is removed


  • When thinking through large spaces like living rooms with lot’s of windows or long hallways it can be more economical to opt for a motion detector than to cover the same space with door/window sensors. 
  • Motion detects infrared body heat useful for both security and home automation.
  • Keep in mind, motion detectors are can’t tell the difference between your guard pet and an intruder so they are not a good fit for fur families. 
  • Provides security coverage up to 35’ in a large. open area
  •  Use to create rules such as “When someone enters the room, turn on the light” or “Trigger siren when intruder detected”
  •  Pet immune up to 35 lbs



  • The Glass-break is specially designed to protect you if an intruder tries to break in through a window.

  • Add additional glass-breaks if your have a large home or a room such as a sun-room.
  • Do not use if you have pet birds or small dogs with high pitch bark
  • Each of our systems comes with a built-in glass-break in the control panel. 

– Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the Panel while still providing support for 319.5 systems
– Actively listening for breaking glass frequencies when you are in “stay” or “away” modes
– Typically installed on the wall opposite the windows needing protection, or on the ceiling in a room with windows on multiple sides
– Protects windows within line of sight within 25’



  • These are a must. Your current smoke detectors only alert you to danger if your are around and able to deal with the threat. Monitored Smoke Detectors alert occupants as well as the fire department. These are perfect for protecting your pets while you’re at work or the whole family while sleeping. 
  • Don’t mount in the kitchen
  • Don’t mount next to heat vents
  • To reduce cost, try installing only one in the hall and one in the common spaces while leaving your traditional smoke detectors in every room to be California compliant. 

– “Always on” technology ensures the sensor is monitored around the clock, whether your system is armed or not
– Ultra sensitive smoke sensor prevents false alarms while constantly monitoring
– Heat sensor detects the rapid rise in heat that comes from a fire – even when there is no smoke (like an electrical fire)
– Wall or ceiling mounted
– 3-5 year battery life
– Requires 3-volt lithium batteries (x2)

conforms to UL 217. 


Secondary panel

secondary panelcut
    • This panel will give you all the same features as the main panel.
  • This is a great option for families with different entry routes and routines, for example, the primary panel by the front door and a secondary panel at the interior garage door.
  • This secondary panel pairs directly with the main panel using the built-in router.
  • Running on a full Android operating system  Remote can be upgraded over the air as new software upgrades are released.


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