Upon receiving a signal from your home or business, alarm dispatchers will immediately call the location to verify whether you set your alarm off accidentally. Whoever answers the phone is required to give a secret password that is stored securely in our records. If we do not receive an answer or if an answering machine picks up, we will immediately dispatch your nearest local authorities and/or contact your approved call list.

Gone are the days where a burglar could cut your phone lines and disconnect you from vital services. When activated, your security system connects you with a live person at our central monitoring station over a built in cell phone chip. Your CSAA certified operator connects you with your emergency contacts and local emergency services and can stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Your security system runs on the AC electricity in your home normally. However if the power fails, your system will automatically revert to its own back-up battery for over 24 hours if necessary. Once the power to your home returns, your security system automatically reverts back to AC electricity.

By calling the alarm monitoring station and requesting that they put your system into a “test” mode, you can activate the system and then test any feature you have. Alarm representatives will be happy to inform you about the signal they received and where it came from in the home.

Don’t worry if you ever accidentally set off your security system. Alarm representatives will call you immediately upon receiving a signal. When you answer the phone they will identify themselves and ask you to do the same. Here is where you will give them your secret password. They will not dispatch the police to your home if you simply tell them your password.

We want the opportunity to earn your business. Contact your existing provider to clarify when your contract ends and send a letter to your provider immediately. Inform them that you would like to terminate the contract at the end of the contract as many providers include “automatic roll-over agreements” in their contracts. Then give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Enter your zip code into Crime mapping system it can even be set up to email you new events in your area. Use this link  to get started. 

Major credit cards can be used. .Monthly monitoring needs to be set up with you checking account.

A.    DIY installation It’s “plug & play”: all your sensors arrive pre-programmed, batteries installed and adhesive strips ready to mount, so set-up just takes minutes. No tools required—just peel and stick. -or- B.  Contact Us (san diego orange county and S.F. Bay area) Technician installation. use the contact us , a technician will call to schedule your appointment. San Diego service area , we also service Orange County ,L.A. area’s

Any brand of Z-Wave light switches will generally be compatible with the 2GIG Go! Alarm Kit.