More than an emergency button
a complete 24/7 safety net

Use what the pros use

Let technology help you


Enhance independence & comfort with automation

Wellness can also simplify routine tasks, with seamless automation across the home’s critical systems. Easy to use rules and schedules allow you to automate lights, thermostats, locks and security – so your loved one doesn’t have to remember to turn lights on or off, or lock the door every night. Caregivers can even remotely check on thermostat settings and adjust the temperature, if needed, through a mobile app.


Make sure your loved one is getting up and about.

Activity Patterns

Understand your family member's activity pattern and get an alert if it's out of the ordinary.


Be alerted if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house at odd hours.

Security & Automation

Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings.

Senior Living Provider

Efficient, Customized Care

Customized trend analysis and early detection of changes in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), give Providers evidence-based data to support changes in levels of care, while enabling individualized support across the care continuum.

Wellness even helps achieve staffing efficiencies and maintain operational costs, thanks to improved population management.

Includes family package

Enjoy all freatures of the family package plus eveything below

Real-Time Alerts

Respond to immediate needs quickly

Multi-Resident View At A Glance

Monitor multiple clients on a single dashboard

Trend Reporting

Track behavioral changes that could indicate chronic conditions or decline

> Nighttime Falls
> Sleep Patterns & Sleeplessness
> Sedentary Lifestyles or Wandering
> Odd & Erratic Eating Habits
> Infrequent or Excessive Bathroom
> Activities
> Medication Adherence

Wellness specific hardware

Many of our other sensors can be used it help the software from unlocking the door, to fridge, bathroom use to name a few.

Let your clients enjoy independence

Use smart home tech to
and keep your clients safe.

  • Passive medical alert  software
  • Remote fire detection
  • Affordable 
  • Remote access
  • Automate the home
  • Secure the home
  • Add value to the home
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